Workshop on "Public Administration, Migration and Social Cohesion" on 02.07.2018 in Konstanz

On July 2, 2018 researchers from the University of Utrecht, LMU Munich, ETH Zurich and University of Konstanz met for a one-day workshop in Konstanz. The event aimed to discuss different projects around the topics of public administration, migration and social cohesion. Overall, the workshop encompassed five presentations, each followed by intense discussions on conceptual and methodological issues:

"The new diversity: Increasing ethnic diversity and its consequences for social cohension and public administration". Remarks on a projects conducted at the Netherlands NL Scientific Council for Governmental Policy - Mark Bovens, University of Utrecht;

Projektpräsentation "Emergence and social effects of hybrid organizations in local crisis management" - Florian Roth, ETH Zürich; Steffen Eckhard, Matthias Fatke, Alexa Lenz (alle LMU München);

Projektpräsentation "Black swans in public administration: Rare organizational failure with severe consequences" - Wolfgang Seibel, University of Konstanz;

Projektpräsentation "Overtaxed and underfunded. The perceived failure of local administration in the 'migration crisis'" - Sebastian Koos, University of Konstanz;

Projektpräsentation "New policies in old frames. Historical immigration, contemporary integration policies, and the causal power of ideas" - Christina Zuber, University of Konstanz